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Metal Roofing Chicago

Metal Roofing Chicago

Metal roofing is a rising trend for commercial and residential buildings in Northern Illinois. A drive around an urban neighborhood will have lots of bright-colored and clean metal roofs in both older and new homes. You may want to explore your options by getting a quick rundown of all things that make the metal roof a favorite for residential and commercial building owners.

Reasons people love metal roofing.


What is the big deal with metal roofing? Previously, they did not have a stellar reputation because they were often rusty, old, and unkempt. These days, technology allows for significant advances in their aesthetics, with a spectrum of colors, designs, and styles. In addition, the metal roofing can imitate traditional ceramic shingles or asphalt to diversify it from the plain metallic look.

Environmentally friendly

Homeowners are conscious of the environment and how the roof will perform under different conditions. A metal roof typically has a combination of materials, including aluminum, steel, copper, and tin, which are great for the most extreme climatic situations. They perform well under intense winters and summers and require minimal recoating to guard against UV rays and cold bites. They are also easily recyclable and will not have a negative carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency

Averagely, the metal roof saves you 10-25% more energy than other roofing options like asphalt shingles. In addition, they are excellent at dispelling heat in summer and absorbing sun rays in cooler seasons.

Easy to install

Metal roofing is straightforward to install and can over older roofing materials like asphalt shingles. Typically, the best performing metal roofing is light and will not weigh down the framework or underlying roofing structures.

Metal sheets are incredibly light, up to ten times lighter than the traditional roofing options. Sometimes, you can install up to three layers of metal roofing atop one another to reduce the labor cost of removing the underlying layer while improving heat insulation. Metal roofing contractors in Chicago IL advise our clients to consult JnJ Restoration for more information on the local guideline for installing metal roofing.


Metal roofs in Chicagoland are one of the more affordable roofing systems because of the lower upfront fees. However, you must use a qualified metal roofing installer to get the most of your installation fees – metal roofing is difficult to install on a complex roofing system. Nonetheless, you will always make the best of your metal roof because it will serve you well over the entire term of its lifespan.

Types of metal roofs

Did you know that there is more than the standard metal sheet? As stated earlier, there are metal roofing sheets that imitate asphalt, and others with luxurious materials like copper and stainless steel, for finer architectures. Talk to our roofing contractors in Chicago, Illinois, about all the different profiles you want for your roof, so we can advise best on one that will match your structure.

Do you want to know more about metal roofing? Chicago metal roofers encourage you to go through our website for a summary of our metal roofing systems. Then, get a free quote on your particular project by calling today and give us a call (312-804-1336) to clear out other concerns in your way.


Metal Roofing Chicago

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