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Your Roofing Damage Insurance Claims are in Expert Hands at JnJ Restoration, Your Roofing Experts and Storm Damage Specialists.

If you’ve experienced hail damage in Chicagoland, the first step is to call the restoration experts at JnJ Roofing. We maintain an internal insurance estimating department that specializes in wind and hail damage. As a result, we’re able to provide timely, caring support from start to finish:

  • Free Inspection: Before we inspect your home or even think about specific repairs, we’ll meet with you to make sure you fully understand the insurance restoration process. We’ll be there to answer any questions you might have.
  • Residential or Commercial Property Inspection: After we meet with you, one of our local storm damage restoration experts will analyze your home or commercial business from top to bottom. Your JnJ Restoration expert storm damage representative will write up a full exterior assessment and analysis.
  • Home or Commercial Assessment: We will document your property in detail to generate the proper records for insurance build back process. We send out an insurance adjuster,every time.
  • Roofing or Siding Adjustment: We’ve formed a relationship with a majority of the nation’s leading insurance companies, thus making this a stress-free process. We will meet with the adjuster onsite to ensure that all necessary repairs are done to today’s strict building codes and compliant with manufacturers specifications.

Did you experience Hail Damage in Your Greater Chicago Home or Office Building? Call Now for a Free Home or Commercial Insurance Restoration Inspection of your roof, siding, windows or other building materials.
Even if your hail damage seems relatively insignificant, it’s essential to get it taken care of as quickly as possible—so contact JnJ Restoration now! We’re an ATLAS Platinum Plus Preferred Contractor. We are also a DaVinci Roofscapes Masterpiece Roofing Installer. These titles are not held by many Chicago Roofing Companies! We have all the construction training you expect to take care of expert roofing repairs and hassle-free insurance claims for storm restoration. Call our Chicago hail damage team at 312-804-1336, or fill out our online form to get started with your assessment and quote today.

Do You Need Help With The Insurance Process?

JnJ Will Help You at No Cost To You!

If you experienced a severe storm, hail damage or damaging high winds, you are probably wondering about the storm damage to your roof insurance claims process. A JnJ Restoration, roofing expert and storm damage specialist, Project Manager will conduct an inspection of your home’s roof to determine the extent of the damage to your roofing, exterior walls, gutters, windows, and the interior of your home.

If we determine that there is sufficient damage to warrant opening an insurance claim on your roof, we will ask you to call your insurance company to initiate a claim. (Unfortunately, Chicago home insurance companies do not allow us to do this for you.)

Once you have an insurance claim number for your roof damage, we will work with both you and the home insurance company to schedule a roofing or siding inspection of your home – if there are interior roof leaks or wall and ceiling damage you will have to be there, otherwise we can meet with them on your behalf.

JnJ Restoration Project Manager will meet with the adjuster and point out all of the damage to your roof. If the home insurance adjuster agrees with our roof inspection and estimate, we will notify you immediately. If they disagree or refuse to pay for everything we feel you are entitled to, we will still notify you immediately. We will then request that a different adjuster re-inspect your house. If they still refuse to pay you what we honestly feel you are entitled to, we can have a 3rd party arbitrator inspect your home’s roof to verify all estimates for accuracy and fair market pricing. Once again, you are kept informed throughout the process.

Once we receive word your insurance company is paying for the damage, you and your JnJ Restoration Project Manager can then pick out appropriate building materials and colors. Our representative will collect the insurance excess, which is typically $500.00. This is your only out-of-pocket expense for your roofing project. This will allow us to get the job formally contracted with correct orders, colors, materials while you are waiting on receipt of your cash settlement from your insurance carrier. This will speed up the restoration process so we are not waiting weeks for cash settlement to begin ordering materials for your job. Our goal is to get your property’s roof restored quickly and we will start that process even before you have received your cash settlement so we can get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

All paperwork will be scanned into our internal system and we will put in any formal requests for renovation variances that are needed on your roofing insurance claim. Variances are often left off the insurance companies’ initial estimate until we send them the required documentation.

Next, the severe storms team JnJ Restorations will place the order for the materials needed to replace the damaged areas with our production office.
When the roofing materials are delivered to your home in the Chicago Suburbs, the JnJ Restorations LLC Project Manager will do a thorough inspection and make sure that all of the construction materials delivered are exactly right, amount, colors of roof tiles, siding, Etc. Also at that time, your JnJ Roofing representative will collect any funds that you have received from the insurance company (unless it was paid to us already).

On the day of construction, you will meet with a JnJ Project Manager who will make sure the roofing crew or siding installers have clear instructions on your insurance claim project. She or he will also inventory all your home or commercial roofing project in Chicago and double check specifications like amount of roof tiles or sheets of siding and colors.
Once your project is completed, you and the JnJ Restoration LLC Project Manager will go over the Roofing Inspection Checklist together, point by point, to confirm that everything has been completed to your satisfaction.

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    Nino Divanovic

    I absolutely recommend JnJ! They replaced my roof, and they were very professional, accommodating  and fast. There were no hidden fees and it was an extremely easy process to install our roof in the Chicago Suburbs.  Mike was so great to work with on our roofing project, and he would answer calls/texts, when I had some questions, even in the evening hours.

    Alice S. Roofing Installation Glenview, IL 60026

    We needed our roof done fast because of the storm damage to our roof in Glenview on the Northshore of Chicago. JnJ Restoration roofing and siding is the best value because they came right out, assessed the hail damage to our roof and siding, and then completed the roofing work in 3 days. Great quality roofing slate shingles from DaVinci ! We get so many compliments from our neighbors in Glenview, roofing will never be easier for you! We recommend JnJ Restoration for roofing and siding to anyone in Chicago’s Suburbs!” -Tom W.

    Ben O. Roofing Installation North Shore Chicago

    The owner of roofing company in Evanston, JnJ Restoration, Jason, is extremely personable, attentive, and professional.   His roofing installation company does terrific work and I would not hesitate to hire him again!

    Esther Anca

    Thank you JNJ and your Roofing Team, you did an amazing job on my Roof, very clean professional and on time! I highly recommend JNJ for all your roofing needs!


    Danny Johnston

    Great customer service and follow up on our roofing installation in the Chicago Suburbs. We recommend JnJ Roofing!

    Peter K

    Best in the business. Jason and staff were not only professional, but very knowledgeable. We had a pretty bad hail storm which caused some leaks in a building I manage. They came out, gave me a very fair price and got the work done very clean and very fast. They were also very kind and patient to educate me on everything I needed to know about my situation.

    Jay T. – DaVinci Roof Installation DuPage County, IL

    JnJ Restoration roofing and siding company in Glen Ellyn made the DaVinci roof installation process on our house easy and seamlessly smooth! Jason, the owner of JnJ Restoration came out and did our roof replacement quote in Glen Ellyn, IL, was polite and courteous and always on time throughout the process. His roofing installation company crew was respectful of our neighbors, finished when the contractor crew chief said they would and cleaned up after the roof job site everyday. We also get many compliments on our DaVinci Roofing Shingles, Chicago’s best roof option, in my opinion.
    If you are looking for a new roof installation in Chicagoland, JnJ Restoration comes highly recommended! Next year we plan on doing a new vinyl siding installation to match our new roofing by JnJ Restoration. Overall, I would say JnJ Restoration is the best roofing company in Chicagoland, or at least Chicago’s West Suburbs!

    Jill G.

    We found JnJ Restoration to be reliable, prompt, friendly and reasonable priced for our roofing installation.

    They worked on our roof clean and really fast, but did a great job (not rushed).  Recommended for contracting needs!